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Communicating objects

------->>> Product strategy, pre and post-sales support, training

Internet of things Internet of things
Internet of Things, Sensor networks, Monitoring
technology: low power embedded electronics, low power radio networks

Intelligent Transportation Systems

------->>> Product strategy, pre and post-sales support, training

Intelligent Transportation Systems
Many years working with Q-Free, RATP, FARA, ...

Road Tolling

  • purpose: congestion charging, tax collection, pay per usage, traffic management...
  • topology: multi-lane free-flow, stop and go with barrier, pseudo free-flow with barrier, combi-lanes
  • technology: CEN DSRC microwave, video tolling, GNSS tolling, lasers, IR curtains, loops, ...

Public transportation

  • purpose: safety, traffic management public, information
  • technology: radio communications, sensors, embedded electronics, smartcards


  • purpose: fee collection, private car park access restrictions, garage door opener
  • technology: CEN DSRC microwave, license plate recognition, guidance system, automatons

Intelligent vehicles

  • purpose: safety, services, infotainment
  • technology: communications (car to car, car to infrastructure), sensors, man machine interfaces

France - Nordic axis

------->>> Business development

JADA Technologies and its partners form a centre of excellence in France-Nordic business. We provide a full consultancy service for France-Nordic business development.



- Communicating objects
- ITS - Intelligent Transport
- France-Nordic axis


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