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Development project management

With real international product development experience, your JADA Technologies product development is as safe as it can get. We also put a strong focus on documentation quality.

Low power embedded electronics

Our experience covers radio from 125kHz to 5.8GHz, processors from 8 bits to embedded PCs, various power below 60VDC, and various network and smartcard interfaces... all this with a tight focus on low power consumption and high robustness.

We use to work with multilayer PCB and surface mounted components. We think about volume production and design products that will be easy to produce in the expected volume. We have certified products and know about environment, immunity and spurious emissions, safety.

Embedded and industrial programming

We are strong in low level programming, where software meets hardware: I/O interfaces, ADC/DAC, real time clocks and interrupts to drive radio interfaces, sensors, etc. We will also get the most out of a small, cheap and low energy microcontroller.

Radio communications

Radio communication has a lot of technical challenges, great care needs to be taken during the design to ensure the desired range and baudrate will be met within national regulations and embedded energy constraints. We have worked with most common RFID frequencies at 125kHz, 13.56MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, 5.8GHz, for both "readers" and embedded objects like personal card, vehicle unit, ...

Understanding of most technologies

We started with a strong all-round scientific background ranging from chemistry to computer science to thermodynamics, statistics, etc., we have specialized within mechanics, electricity and automation, and cumulated years of experience within product development and worldwide support. There is a lot we can do, and extremely little we are not able to understand and supervise using specialised resources. You can trust us for any end to end mission.



- Projet management
- Electronics
- Programming
- Radio frequencies
- A lot more


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